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Vision Statement

Below is an actual journal exercise I did that was supposed to help me come up with a concise Vision Statement! I liked it so much I decided to share the whole thing:)


Why does my business exist?

My purpose is to help others discover what is important in their lives, to access their own answers, to provide tools for deepening and enriching their lives,  to help others heal the deep wounds that keep them from living their full and joyful existence, to be a resource for further growth and healing if it's beyond my skills, and to provide an authentic interaction where my clients feel safe to see themselves and their life clearly and honestly.

How do I do this?

By being present and authentic myself. By acting from integrity and as much clarity as I am capable of. By being a conduit of Divine healing energy and empowering my clients to allow the answers to come from within them, to define what they want - how they want their life to be. Specifically by providing Energy Healing sessions addressing all of the appropriate aspects of the energy system, being led by Divine guidance, my clients' goals and the highest good of all involved. Also, by offering classes in meditation, Healing Touch and self-healing practices.

Who do I do this for?

I do it for those people willing and able to look within and tell the truth. To those open to a deeper, richer existence. Those willing to have an open mind and heart and to participate in their healing journey by being honest with themselves and me, doing practices and inner work between sessions, asking questions, and being sincere in their quest for deeper healing and a deeper life.

What value do I bring?

The value I bring is over 20 years of self-growth and exploration, emotional, mental and physical healing, extensive training in energetic and mindfulness modalities, integrity, and a sincere desire to serve, as well as compassion, gentleness, a sense of humor and a well-developed and growing intuition.

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