Healing Practices

Diamond Technique for Immune Support

The Diamond Technique was developed by Sr. Rita Jean Dubrey, MSN, RN, HTCP/I to provide immune system support. I often teach this to clients in my energy healing practice. You can do this practice sitting up or laying down, as often as you like. A good time to use it is during the cold and flu season, as soon as you feel yourself coming down with something, and if you have a chronic illness such as Lyme, Cancer, EBV, etc. 

The Flow - Qi Gong Practice

The Flow is a simple Qi Gong practice using breath and movement to create balance and clearing throughout your energy system. This is one of my favorites because it is so simple and easy to learn. The movements are soothing and calming, yet I feel energized by the end. The Chinese say that if you do this practice 1000 times a day you will live forever. If you do it 100 times a day, you will live a long time;)

Centering & Two-Pole Meditation

Centering & Two-Pole Meditation - Kristi Joy, HTCP, LMT
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This is a daily practice for grounding and centering. It helps keep you present and better able to meet life's ups and downs.

Solar Plexus Bowl

Solar Plexus Bowl - Kristi Joy, HTCP, LMT
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Contracting the solar plexus area is an instinctive response to fear and stress. However, many of us spend much of the time in that fight or flight response and over time that diminishes the strength and size of our energy field. This practice guides you through softening and opening the solar plexus "eye" and expanding and strengthening your field or energy "egg". This is your best protection as you move through life. 

Self-Chakra Connection

Self-Chakra Connection - Kristi Joy, HTCP, LMT
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The Self-Chakra Connection is a Healing Touch method to connect, open and balance the major and minor chakras of the human energy system. You can do this practice sitting or laying down...first thing in the morning or before you go to sleep are good times to do it. 


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