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About Kristi

I have been a healing practitioner for the past 29 years, starting as a Massage Therapist at the age of 25! I now have a holistic healing practice integrating all that I have learned during that time including Healing Touch (I am a Certified Practitioner and Instructor), Reiki, Polyvagal Theory, Qigong, essential oils, meditation and self-care practices.


I have gone through my own healing process recovering from chronic illness from 2013-2017.  Clearing stuck trauma and energetic patterns was pivotal in enabling me to heal. Personal and spiritual growth has been the key to, and result of, my healing process. I am taking what I have learned from my own journey to help facilitate healing and growth for my clients. This is my hearts work and I am grateful for each person I have the opportunity to work with. 

      Credentials, Training and Studies

  • Graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage Therapy - 1995

  • Healing Touch Certified Practitioner since 2000

  • Qi Gong Healing  - 2002

  • Craniosacral Level 1 - 2007

  • Byron Katie School for The Work - 2008

  • Master Level Hara Training - 2016

  • Embracing the Higher Frequencies of Healing - 2017

  • Healing Touch Certified Instructor - 2018

  • Safe & Sound Protocol Certified Provider - 2021

Other areas of study:

  • Mindfulness Meditation

  • Shadow Work

Kristi Joy with her daughter

Me and my daughter Sophia

Kristi Joy with her family

With Sophia and fiance, Lee

Kristi Joy's two dogs

Lucy & Pixy

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