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Hara Work

The Hara is the deepest, highest vibrational aspect of the energy system. It is the first part to come into existence, and it is your connection to the physical planet and divine source. This is where we can find karmic patterns, life lessons and where we can access and heal held trauma such as accidents, illnesses, loss, betrayal, neglect, or abuse in any form. Sometimes, we are not aware of a particular traumatic event, but just experience a recurring pattern in our life, or a reaction to something or someone that seems out of proportion to what is happening, or a physical symptom, perhaps with no known cause, that doesn't get better. That's when we look deeper to find the origin, bring it to consciousness and discover what we need to know about it in order to heal. This energy healing work is often described as "life-changing".

Please note: Hara Work is done in a way so as not to re-traumatize the client. It is not a re-experiencing of the event. 

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