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Energetic Self-Care for Teens

So many of our children have already been struggling with the effects of modern living. Now with the Covid 19 pandemic and the associated changes in their schooling, social and physical activities, and increased fear in society, a lot of our kids (and their parents) are feeling especially challenged. Add to this the recent events sparking protests across the nation and the intensity of the time is difficult to manage, to say the least.

Energetic Self-Care for Teens is not your typical stress-reduction class. In this course we talk about cutting-edge science on the nervous system to give you a clear understanding of why your teen (and you) may be struggling with: overwhelm, anxious feelings, feeling overly affected by others’ emotions and what’s going on around them. Then we will share evidence-based practices to help you manage with greater ease and confidence.

In this online course, you and your teen will:

· Learn how stress and overwhelm affect your emotions, your physical body, and your energy body.
· Practice simple techniques for staying “grounded” and learn why it is so important.
· Learn to use EFT Tapping to process emotional energy in healthy ways and to incorporate self compassion.
· Learn how to help the body experience a sense of safety, allowing the mind and emotions to calm.
· Learn to identify what state you’re in and choose appropriate techniques to address it.

What You’ll Receive:

· Two 60-minute live video trainings
· Recordings so you can review specific exercises and watch again as many times as you’d like
· Pre-course information packet
· Post-course summary document of the course teachings and practices
· Free Q&A session 1-2 weeks after the course to review techniques and ask questions


Please contact Kristi for information on upcoming classes

This will be a Live ONLINE class with PDF Booklet and Technique Review Videos.

$125 per family

As Energy Medicine practitioners over the past fifteen or more years, we have seen a distinct increase in the number of children and teens who are struggling with these issues. We have found several tools that have been especially helpful for the families we’ve worked with, and we are passionate about making this more widely available. We encourage parents to take this course together with their child for the best outcomes.

Kristi Joy, HTCP/I, LMT is an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Instructor with over 20 years of experience in the healing arts and meditation. She has a private energy healing and teaching practice in Fort Collins, CO.

Bonnie Thompson, HTCP, CECP/CBCP has been practicing Energy Medicine with clients and with her four “sensitive” kids since 2006. She is passionate about educating and empowering parents and children to live healthy, happy lives.

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