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Distance Healing Sessions

Energy is not bound by space or time. Studies of prayer and quantum physics support the effectiveness of distance healing. For a great article on the science behind Distance Healing click HERE.


In a distance healing session, we do the intake and goal setting on the phone or video chat. Then, for the treatment you relax in a comfortable private space, while I connect with your energy system, and do the assessment and treatment just as if you were there on my table. After, we talk on the phone again to process what you experienced, what I found, and create a healing plan.

With Distance Healing I am able to work with clients from anywhere in the world. Even locally, some clients choose a distance session to be able to stay in the comfort of their home, especially if they are not feeling well enough to get in the car and come to me!

What Clients are saying...

"Kristi is very gifted healer. I have benefited from both our in person and remote sessions which are deeply relaxing and blissful. I am so happy to know her and to have her as an on-going resource to support my well-being. Such a treat! Such a blessing!"  -R.B.

"Working with Kristi (both in person and at a distance) has been transformative. I came to her in rough shape (depression, anxiety, reactivity and mood unpredictability). She was able to guide me back to a more balanced state in a very tangible way. Don't be fooled by Kristi's gentle presence, her awareness, understanding of, and ability to sense and manipulate vital energy are POWERFUL and will leave you buzzing! Her observations and insights are regularly spot on. Working with Kristi is truly a collaborative and empowering experience. She is also generous in sharing information, techniques and resources in support of your goals between sessions. Kristi has enabled me to become more grounded, to strengthen my boundaries and to expand my awareness in order to take better care of myself on many levels." -A.M.

"I had a remote healing session with Kristi and it was as if we were in the same room together. I felt more relaxed, decreased pain in an area I asked her to address, and generally more energized and balanced."      -R.L.

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