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Kristi Buss Healing Touch Fort Collins

Energy Healing Sessions:

Using an intuitive blend of energy healing methods, these sessions support your healing intention by clearing, opening and balancing your energy system, bringing you into closer alignment with your highest vision for yourself and allowing you to move more easily toward health.  This works on all levels - physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - because your energy system encompasses all of these aspects of self. Some benefits that clients report are a deep sense of relaxation and peace, mental clarity, emotional balance, reduced pain, accelerated healing and increased energy. Sessions include essential oils. 

More questions? Please visit my FAQ page, or schedule a Free Consultation.

Integrative Massage Sessions: 

These sessions use a combination of bodywork and energetic healing therapies to address pain, tension and stress in a more holistic and deeply relaxing way. Sessions include essential oils.

Massage Sessions:

Kristi’s massage style is detailed, intuitive, and deeply relaxing, and may include Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofacial and Trigger Point Therapy. She tailors sessions to each client’s unique needs, paying attention to areas of focus, appropriate pressure and techniques. Kristi uses her skills and intention to create a space that allows for deep relaxation and healing. Sessions include essential oils.

Remote Healing Sessions

Studies of prayer and quantum physics support the effectiveness of distance healing. Sessions begin with an intake or update by phone, then the client lays down in a comfortable, quiet environment while Kristi performs the session just like if the client were present by attuning to the clients energy system, doing an energetic assessment, then a series of techniques based on the assessment and the clients intention for healing. At the end there is another phone call to process what happened during the session and make a plan of care. For distance healing sessions, Kristi follows up with an email summary of the session. 

Essential Oil Protocol Add-on

Add a deep healing essential oil protocol to your session! Symphony of the Cells protocols involve a series of approximately 10 Doterra essentials oils applied to the spine and feet. Options include Digestive, Infection, Inflammatory, Lymphatic, Neurological, Respiratory or Solar (adrenal support). 


Please click Here for current class schedule. 

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