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My Story

Kristi Joy

Like many clients and others I have talked to, my health issues reached a crisis point after a period of intense stress in my life. It was 2010, my then husband and I had just moved across the country, had a baby, lost a big financial investment and were on the brink of divorce. I was becoming more and more fatigued, weak and depressed with a myriad of physical symptoms - back pain, digestive issues, sudden sensitivities to foods and even jewelry! Luckily I was already in the holistic healing world, so, unlike many people I've talked with who went from doctor to doctor looking for answers, my complaints were taken seriously and identified as Chronic Lyme, Epstein Barr and other associated co-infections, as well as severe Adrenal Fatigue. 

This began a 5 year, excruciatingly slow journey back to health. Diets, cleanses, supplements, colonics, coffee enemas, and a dozen different holistic practitioners and doctors. I'd research and research and each time I tried a new diet (Paleo! Vegan! Candida Diet!) or a new supplement regiment I would be so hopeful that this was the magic bullet. For me it never was. Did it help? Yes, of course, but that alone was not enough. I came to realize that the most important piece was my internal state...the health of my mind, emotions and soul. The biggest shifts I made in my health and well-being were through energy work. Through Energy Healing I was able to bring my energy system back into balance over time by clearing held trauma, bringing awareness to how I had abandoned myself and forgotten my true nature as love and joy, and regular energy balancing sessions to retrain my system to rest in an open, balanced and flowing state. 

One of the biggest gifts of this process was the insight that I am always whole, always love, no matter what symptoms my body might be experiencing. This is a healing of the soul, which in my opinion is the most important healing. Then, whether the physical body heals instantly, takes a while to catch up, or never completely heals, "I" am ok. 

My physical body did heal...I'd say 95%. But, well before that my internal state changed and I was already free. Now, I feel a deep calling to help others in the same situation I was in. I understand the struggle intimately, and can see the innate wholeness of each of my clients. I hold that vision until they can see it for themselves. 

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