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Prices & Packages

Individual Sessions:
Initial Energy Healing session: $100 (75 minutes)
Follow-up sessions: $90 (60 minutes)

Energetic Self-Care: $90 (60 minutes)


Initial Healing Package: $410 ($460 value)

Includes 75-minute Initial Healing session and four follow-up sessions 

Five Session Package: $400 ($450 value)

Includes five 60-minute sessions

Can be used for Energy Healing or Energetic Self-Care 

Integrative Healing Package: $275 ($300 value)

Two Energy Healing sessions: Includes energy assessment,  goals/intention setting, energy healing, education/self-practice tools. 

Private Energetic Self-Care class: In this Zoom or in-person session you will learn self-care practices to best support your individual needs. You will receive video, audio and handout instructions to make it easier to continue on your own.


Custom Healing Meditation: Using intention and visualization on a daily basis can create powerful change in your life. Based on your needs and healing goals, as well as intuitive guidance I receive for you, I will record and send you an approximately 10 minute meditation to support your health and wellness.

A sliding scale is available for those with financial need. Please contact me.

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