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Energy Healing Sessions
Kristi Buss Healing Touch Fort Collins

Energy Healing sessions begin with a thorough intake to get a holistic picture of your health and wellness. We then set a healing intention to help guide the session. 

With the client lying comfortably on the treatment table I begin with an assessment of your energy system including the chakras, the energy field, major organs and some aspects of the meridian system. I also assess the Hara (the highest vibrational aspect of the energy system where stuck emotions, trauma and karmic patterns can be found and healed).

Based on that assessment, along with the stated healing goal/intention, and guided by intuition, I use light touch on or above the body to clear, balance and strengthen the energy system, facilitating healing of body, mind and spirit. 


Client experiences vary, however, most people experience a deep relaxation which is the state in which healing can take place. Other common experiences include insight into the presenting issue, decreased pain/symptoms, and a sense of greater peace and well-being.

After the session we sit and talk again about what you experienced, what I found, and create a plan to continue moving toward your healing and wellness goals. This might include self-healing practices, custom healing meditations, changes to your self-care, and/or follow up sessions. 

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