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 Class Schedule

ONLINE: Pandemic Energetic Self-Care

Self-care is of vital importance during this time. Please join us in this 90 minute online class to learn energetic practices and awareness to support our immune systems, healthy energetic boundaries, and emotional & mental balance. You will also receive audio recordings of the energetic practices to follow at home on your own after the class. 

In recognition of the financial difficulties many are experiencing this class is available on a sliding scale from $25 - $40 if needed.

(Use the donate button if using the sliding scale) 

Tuesday, May 12th, 2020, 10:00am - 11:30am Live class OR

Receive the recorded class to watch at your convenience (Live participants will also receive the recorded class)

Healing Touch Level 1

Learn to use your mind, heart and hands to gently and effectively impact health and well-being on all levels. Healing Touch is a multi-level accredited Energy Medicine education program. It is evidence-based and used in  hospitals, hospices, health-care facilities and private clinics world-wide.  After taking Level 1 you will possess many hands-on healing techniques to use with friends, family, and yourself! 

Includes 200 page Level 1 Notebook

16 CE contact hours for Nurses and Massage Therapists. 

Upcoming classes: TBD

Tuition: $447

Full-time Student: $297

Repeat Student: $247

Packages also available: Healing Touch Program

Please contact Kristi to register

Healing Touch Free Intro

Are you interested in learning about energy healing, your own innate healing abilities and developing your intuition? Please join us for an Introduction to Healing Touch! Healing Touch is an evidence-based energy healing practice used in many hospitals and health care facilities. Learn how to feel and assess the human energy field, simple Healing Touch methods for use on yourself and others, and more about the art and science of this effective, heart-centered, Energy Medicine practice.

Upcoming classes: TBD

Click the button to your right to save your spot!

Energetic Self-Care

A 3 hour class in which you will learn about your energy anatomy, how your daily choices effect the health of your energy system and therefore your emotional, mental and physical health, self-care practices to improve the health and balance of your energy system, and how to have healthier energetic boundaries as you move through your life. 

Next Class: TBD

Cost: $49

Healing Meditation Circle

Not currently meeting

Monthly guided meditation group...2nd Tuesday of the month, 6-7pm at 1101 E. Elizabeth, Fort Collins, CO. Led by Kristi Joy, Healing Touch Certified Practitioner and Instructor. Each month is different and based on the energy and needs of the group...Lovingkindness, Self-Chakra balancing, Qigong, Global Healing, etc. Meditating with a group is much more powerful with greater healing potential! No experience necessary and all are welcome. RSVP is preferred. By donation.

Sensitive Kids: Energetic Tools for the Family

Is your child struggling with fears, overwhelm, poor sleep?
Do you want to help your child learn ways to feel better and be better able to manage strong emotions, and high stimulus environments?

Please join us for this fun and interactive class for the whole family!

We will learn:
• How anxiety and overwhelm effect our energy bodies.
• How to be "grounded" and why it is so important.
• Tools to calm the nervous system, supporting fewer and shorter "meltdowns", as well as better sleep.
• Ways to tell the body that it is safe, therefore calming the mind and emotions.

Next Class: TBD

Kristi Joy, HTCP/I, LMT is an Energy Medicine Practitioner and Instructor with over 20 years of experience in the healing arts and meditation. She has a private energy healing and teaching practice in Fort Collins, CO, and is mom to a "sensitive" kid.

Bonnie Thompson, HTCP, CECP/CBCP has been practicing Energy Medicine with clients and with her four "sensitive" kids since 2006. She is passionate about educating and empowering parents and children to live healthy, happy lives.

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