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Protecting Your Energy

A question I often hear is "how can I protect my energy?" A common solution is to put up a shield of some sort...unfortunately, this seldom works well for several reasons:

1. You have to remember to do it before or while you are in the situation in which you feel you need protection.

2. If you are asking this question, it is likely your energy field doesn't have clear boundaries, which makes it difficult to see, feel or imagine a shield or boundary. You aren't familiar enough with what it feels like.

3. A shield can have a connotation or feeling of a barrier. This can leave you feeling disconnected from others, and even more anxious and fearful..."I need a shield to protect me from danger!"

In my experience with myself and working with clients, the best protection is to fully OCCUPY YOUR SPACE.

So, how do we do that?

First by being centered and grounded. This is the first and most essential step.

In our culture especially, the norm is to be spinning in thought and busy busy busy! We are often very disconnected from our bodies, not very present to our surroundings, and unaware of the support of earth energy.

To be centered is a turning inward at the level of the heart. Your center is a place of rest and safety and wisdom. It is always available to each and every one of us.

Grounding is being connected and rooted into the earth. Earth energy is nurturing and holds us up. It is being present in your physical body.

Like anything else, being centered and grounded takes practice. In order to entrain your system into a new pattern I always recommend daily practice for at least 30 days.

Then, over time, this is where you live more often And it becomes easier and easier to "find" it if you get lost. You become familiar with how it feels, so can recognize more easily when you become lost.

Please enjoy this centering & grounding Tree Meditation. And stay tuned for the next essential step for protecting your energy:)


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