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Occupy Your Space

How can you protect your energy? This is an important question, especially for those that are HSPs (Highly Sensitive Person) or Empath, but really for everyone. Especially in the current energetic climate...there is a lot coming to the surface in the collective, and with that a lot of chaos and high emotions.

Many people hear that they should put up a shield, but this isn't very effective. For one, you have to remember to do it in the moment you feel like you need protection!

I find that next the being centered & grounded, fully occupying your space is the best protection. This means being present and having a full, vibrant energy field with a strong boundary on the outer edge. This is a filter which, when it is strong and functioning as it should, only allows in that which is for your highest good. To be clear, this isn't always what our ego wants!

This practice also works to regulate the nervous system. That helps us to feel safer, so that we can be more present, and expand and occupy our field even more. It's a positive feedback loop!

The beauty of this practice is that it entrains your energy system to have stronger boundaries in place as its natural state.

The first eight minutes of the video is an explanation of how and why the practice works. If you want to skip right to the meditation, go to 8:18.

I recommend doing this practice every day for 30 days to entrain your energy system into a new, healthier state.

If you try it, please share your experience or questions!


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