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Heart Chakra

This is the fourth in a series about each of the seven major chakras, possible indications of imbalance, and ways to support a more healthy, balanced flow of energy. Please feel free to share this information, as well as leave comments or really helps me to know what you all want to know more about!

Heart Chakra:

This center is a spinning vortex of green light in the center of the chest extending out the front and the back. This is the center of love, compassion, forgiveness and grief. Physically is governs the upper back, heart, blood, vagus nerve, circulatory system, chest, hands and arms. Its gland is the thymus gland which plays a large role in the immune system.

This chakra is sometimes referred to as the transformer or bridge. It is midway between our lower, more physical, earth realm chakras, and our upper, spiritual chakras. As humans we are both of the earth and the divine. This is where these energies meet.

For a healthy flow at the heart chakra we must be able to both give and receive love and compassion - from ourselves and others. Sometimes all of our love energy is poured outward and we have a difficult time receiving love and care from others and from ourselves. Sometimes we protect our heart chakra because we have been hurt in the past. Or we have a tightness from feeling unable to forgive.

Tension between the shoulder blades/mid back, rounded shoulders, asthma, high blood pressure, heart disease and lung disease are possible physical malfunctions.

Ways to support the heart chakra are to consciously practice compassion and forgiveness for self and other, as well as lovingkindness meditation. You can also hold your palms over your heart chakra and see, feel or imagine yourself being filled with divine love, into every cell of your body.

Physically, opening the chest with stretches and yoga chest openers is a great way to support more flow and balance in this area.


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