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Brow Chakra

This energy center is a spinning vortex of indigo light extending out between and slightly above the eyebrows in the front, and the corresponding area at the back of the head. This is the center of intuition, dreaming, wisdom and imagination, also known as the "third eye".

Physically it governs the middle and lower brain, the face and eyes. Possible physical malfunctions include vision problems and headaches, as well as nightmares.

Intuition is an innate ability...we all have it naturally to some degree. The question is do we listen? And how do we know that it is intuition and not our thinking mind? One of the main clues in my experience is that intuitive information has an objective, calm feeling, as opposed to being strongly emotionally charged.

We can learn to listen more to our intuition through intention and meditation. Taking time to be quiet and receptive while holding a question, and then trusting the pull you get, listening to the quiet voice.

Intuitive information can come in many may be a quiet voice from within, or dreams, images, feelings in the body, hearing the same idea or message from several unconnected sources, and many others.

For example, last week I was holding the question of where to put my focus or the highest good of my healing practice. One of the answers I received was to study the Enneagram...this came to me by having three people over the course of three days talk to me about the Enneagram. Then a daily email list I am on began a series on the Enneagram, so I was receiving emails about it every day!

So, begin to ask, and then listen for guidance from a place of receptivity and openness. For further support you can place your palms over your brow chakra in the front and back to help open the flow of energy in that center.

Intuition is a gift and deep source of wisdom we all have access to. Taking time to develop this ability will serve you well:)


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