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Root Chakra

Updated: Jul 14

This is the first in a series about each of the seven major chakras, possible indications of imbalance, and ways to support a more healthy, balanced flow of energy. Please feel free to share this information, as well as leave comments or questions...it really helps me to know what you all want to know more about!

Root Chakra

The 1st, or Root Chakra extends out from the base of the spine down toward the earth in a vortex of red light. Physically it has to do with the legs and feet, bones, the health and vitality of the physical body as a whole and the adrenal glands.

The Root Chakra has to do with survival and will to live. It also supports our sense of being grounded, having a sense of belonging and feeling like we have a right to be here on the planet.

Some indications of a root chakra that is out of balance are physical ailments such as issues with the hips, knees, ankle and feet, hemorrhoids, constipation, sciatica and issues with bones.

Other indications of imbalance are feeling ungrounded, scattered, difficulty in creating a stable life in the physical world, feeling like one doesn't belong or is not safe in the world.

The best way to support the Root chakra is by becoming more grounded. Being in nature is one of the best ways...really being present with the Earth and plants and animals, as opposed to being lost in thought or conversation. Sitting or walking with bare feet on the earth, or laying down on the earth for twenty or more minutes each day.

Wearing the color red, receiving massage, and getting enough sleep are other ways to support the health of the first chakra.

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